How safe is it to use on Eve Online?

How safe is it to use on Eve Online? Do they have anti cheat prevention, some kind of 3rd party software checking for reading memory?

Microsoft offers some functionality to keep you safe: Windows isolates processes from different user accounts. The EVE Online client can only detect the presence of your bot process if you allow access. A normal windows user is not allowed to access processes from other users. To make use of this process isolation functionality, you can start your bot as admin user and the EVE Online client as a normal user.

From what I know any game is really not that hard to detect if the memory is being read by other malicious processes. With all these third party anti-cheats available like Easy AC, Battleye, etc., if CCP wanted they could have it sorted it out at any time they wanted, that’s what I think. But I see no one talking about it so I don’t understand why no one is affraid of that happening at some point.
I read someone’s post about Sanderling framework being used for other legit programs but blacklisting is definitely not the only way to detect a hacker (because that’s what a bot is essentially). For example, in a game like DayZ or Rust you could track enemy position by just reading the game memory and not injecting to it, but that’s highly detectable if you don’t bypass AC first. I’m just wondering because I would use the botengine on my main account to rat and get enough money to buy plex again, but I’m not sure if it’s really worth the risk.

Then don’t use it. Since you mention using botengine now, it seems to be not only about memory reading. Botting is a different story.

Do you think reading memory of the game client is a reason for CCP banning accounts?
What if you choose a stupid behaviour for your bot? Don’t you think this could lead to a ban?

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