How safe am I?

I am looking to create a quality of life bot rather than a fully autonomous bot. Just to do thing like 0 KM travel(I know this is provided), auto fire in optimal zone rather than earliest points and anything else that i might find useful. As I play :slight_smile:

What you have accomplished is amazing :slight_smile:

I am running this on my main and the thought occurred to me that all be the scripts provided are safe.

How ever what if i make something unsafe?

Has any one lost any accounts while dev-ing or is the only real way to get banned if some sees something hinky and reports me ?

In Eve there is saying: Do not fly what you can not afford to loose.
The same saying is true with botting.

It really depends on how you setup and configure it. Bot actions needs to resemble human behavior as much as possible. Time between key presses, time between mouse movement, mouse move speed, time between actions if information needs to be processed before, like in example analyzing local and etc.

In general i do not recommend developing on main account at all. You will do mistakes and mistakes can flag account as possible bot. Ofc no one knows how exactly bot detection works, but better to be safe than sorry.

So if you are afraid to loose main char, i even do not recommend developing and testing on same machine as EVE Client is sending footprint of client with various information and you can get mass ban on all characters.