Hey everyone

Hey guys , I’m Trinity , I have been playing EVE for the last 3-4 years but lately I got bored with ratting so I thought I’ll look into botting.I have been botting in the mobile game Clash Of Clans for some years now , even ran a 300+ people botting community.I was also a mod on the Leauge of Legends cheat tool forums L#(leaguesharp) some of you may know.I have a few quick questions about botting in eve in general.

1.Where do you guys bot? I know this is prob. confidential but just in general, should I get into some renter alliance with my soon to be botting alts like B0T, or into some russian alliance like KWG?

2.How many alts? Probably as many as my pc can run + I can plex , but still I am curious of the general setup used by people here.

That’s all , I hope it wasn’t too long to read :smiley:

things are quite simple yet complicated

  1. there is no good answer, distribute your chars across new eden. Putting all your chars into one basket is not very smart

  2. as many you want and you hardware can run. There is SEVERAL good practises you want to follow in order to be on safe side:

  • do NOT use any virtual machine! NEVER. CCP does actively scans for virtual graphic cards and you’ll get banned fairly quickly
  • avoid using public proxy, for some reason even they are not forbidden they are banning accounts which have been using some. Dunno why.
  • CPP does scan your running processes, so running autohotkey or sanderling or any other software is not really smart. You can avoid this by running those programs as administrator or use changed version of bots which does have more common assembly names.
  • CPP does store your IP+MAC+HW id within accounts, be very carefull which accounts you are running on which hw bundle.

and there are some obvious things:

  • do not run 20 accounts 23hours a day
  • do not run them on same setups, same anoms etc. etc.
  • do play with those accouns as well, so it does different things than ratting all the time.

be smart, use common sense

Thanks for all the info , I appreciate it. The thing is , if VMs are a no , then I can only run the bot from my main pc from which I play too.My laptop only supports one instance of the client.But if banning by HW is a thing then that’s a no too?

you can use remote desktop, as it uses physical hardware it’s the way how to do it and multiboxing is perfectly fine with EULA so you can run as many of Omega accounts from your pc as you want/can.

I personally think they are banning mostly by IP+mac address which are two things which can be easily changed if needed. If they are using HW ID, then any driver update should do that trick pretty fine as well.

And I do think as well, they are freaking scared of GDPR so technically they should not gather any informations which leads to your exact identification without your given permit. Which is something I think they didnt ask for yet. As we mostly agreed with EULA way before GDPR and they haven’t provided opt-out variant as they have to.
(but that’s just some other thinking, not really related to the topic tho)