Help with mining bot

Hi I’ve been using the mining bot on my main computer and I have been having trouble getting it to return back to the station I want it to, when I start the bot in the asteroid field.

I’ve been attempting to modify the code so that there is a default value for “lastDockedStationNameFromInfoPanel” so I can start the bot while already mining and have it return to the station on its own.

I appreciate the time taken reading this and I hope to help supply more infomation if needed

Hi, if you start from Station, the Bot record your start Station, fly to Belt, if the ore cargo full, he return to station and start again.
Its working fantastic!

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As @TheRealManiac wrote, the returning works automatically, if the bot was docked in a station in the same session. Also, it does not have to be at the start of the session. The bot remembers the last station it was docked in.

I can expand the program code to support setting a default value with the bot settings.

I tried editing the code, but I wasn’t successful since I haven’t worked with elm before, if you could do that, that would be incredible!

Sure, I modified the code to support the default for the station name:

You can set the default by using the --app-settings option:

botengine  run-bot  --app-settings="last-docked-station-name-from-info-panel=my station name"

If you do not provide app-settings, it behaves the same way as the older version.

I also recorded a video to explain the development process to add this setting: