Help Please with mining bot

Hi, I downloaded Sanderling V2018-07-30 and I thought I set everything up right but the bot doesn’t see my system info window I think. Maybe I didn’t do it right, not sure. I keep getting this error msg:
10-07-20.301: ore container fill: %, mining range: , mining modules (inactive): (), shield.hp: %, retreat: shield hp, JLA: , overview.rats: , overview.roids: , offload count: 0, nextAct: MainStep
10-07-28.324: Attempt to initiate dock to or warp to menu entry in submenu ‘stations’
10-07-36.333: Submenu ‘stations’ not found in the solar system menu.

Please tell me how to open the System Info window. I did it from the map by right clicking on the system I am in. Is that right?

system info is this:
to enable him you have to push the sun button :slight_smile:

but if you dont have any station in system, you could make a bookmark at your citadel and you change at the lines 461 and 463 with home, like here:

	InitiateDockToOrWarpToLocationInSolarSystemMenu("home", PickPlaceToOffloadfFromSystemMenu);

it should work, but I don’t know if will work at 100%

anyway, if you have a bookmark you can use other sample , mine ore ( not beginners)

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Thanks, that woked. I just had to click the sun. :slight_smile:
Quick question: How do I stop the bot If I should need to? Is there a keyboard shortcut to pause it?
Nevermind, I see it now. Ctrl + Alt

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ctrl+alt is simply :slight_smile: