Hello, help me understand

somebody, help me please,
i’m not understand, how indicate length (array).

me need construction

if(array.length == 0 )
bla bla bla

Answering just from the top of my head, so may be mistaken. All arrays in .Net have property Length (not capital L).
And BTW that’s not the question you need to ask. The correct question is where to get good reference/learning material for .Net. People just won’t answer your every question if they are such a basic ones.

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That’s a shame. I answer any question I can, stupid or newb, especially if I know the answer. No offence, but your post makes you look like you wanted to be the one to answer, without actually knowing the explanation yourself, which I would guess is unlikely.

My point; People will often go on to learn for themselves and seek out more material regardless of whether you answer their stupid questions or not. It’s a part of the core within the mindset we all share as newb or veteran programmers and/or developers.

I think to take the stance of “just go read some books” is about the most ignorant response I could imagine anyone getting.

So, tell me why didn’t you just answered original question? It would take less time for you than trying to “change my mindset”. :slight_smile:

This is true! I didn’t answer because I didn’t know the answer lol