Hello! Can someone clarify this for me?

This may be a completely anemic question or the wrong place to post, but I’m rather bewildered, after the release of the 64x bit client, the old Sanderling.exe is replaced by Read-Memory-64.zip.

I used to just download sanderling.exe and find a script by someone and tamper with it a bit to work with an Orca and getting credits to run the bot.

Now, I got no idea what to do with Read-Memory-64.zip and how to setup sanderling. And what is the difference between botengine.exe, and sanderling?

Botengine.exe seems to be the same thing as the sanderling I remember, albeit without a GUI, and also seems to be without credits when not in the online version, so what is the difference between them?

Hello, and Welcome, Madara!

I’ll start with the difference between Sanderling and the botengine.exe:

  • Sanderling is a software library to read information from the EVE Online game client. It is a collection of functionality used as a building block in various applications. It is not executable on its own but integrated into other apps to help them see the game. In addition to that, the Sanderling repository also hosts the alternative UI for EVE Online, which is closer to a complete application.
  • botengine.exe is a Windows software that we use to run various apps. These include apps for EVE Online, such as bots and the alternate UI. This software provides functionality that is common for bots.

The Read-Memory-64.zip file is only for the people who want to work on low-level stuff. You don’t need to do anything with it, because apps automatically load it. You also don’t need to setup Sanderling.

Same for people who develop for EVE Online: There is an integrated framework that takes care of the low-level stuff, for example, parsing the user interface of the game client. This way, even developers don’t need to consider Sanderling most of the time.

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Thank you very much for your warm welcome and for taking the time out of your day to alleviate my confusion! :v:

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