Having issues with the bot selecting mining portion of inventory

“botlabClientVersion”: “2022-12-10”,
“botId”: “411799c61013a121e0780f934fc5673c5ac6696082d9806c7c29abb159729667”,
“initialBotSettingsHash”: “e3b0c4”,
“sessionCustomName”: “2022-12-18T16-27-10”,
“onlineSessionId”: “845bf581eabde7d9caf1”,
“lastBotStep”: {
“sessionAgeMilliseconds”: 714690,
“statusTextFromBot”: “Session performance: times unloaded: 0, volume unloaded / m\u00B3: 0\n—\nCurrent reading: mining hold filled Unknown%. Shield HP at 100%. Found 0 mining modules. I do not see the drones window.\n\u002B I see ship UI and overview, undocking complete.\n\u002B\u002B mining hold is not selected. Select the mining hold.\n\u002B\u002B\u002B Click the tree entry representing the mining hold.\n----\nEVE Online framework status:\nLast reading from game client: 000052-711876: 0 rects containing 0 pixels\nLast result from volatile process is: Success: {\u0022ReadFromWindowResult\u0022:{\u0022Completed\u0022:{\u0022processId\u0022:10468,\u0022windowClientRectOffset\u0022:{\u0022x\u0022:0,\u0022y\u0022:0},\u0022readingId\u0022:\u0022000052-711876\u0022,\u0022ima…\nCurrent activity: Operate bot”
“finishReason”: null

Welcome Lucas :wave:

Thank you for sharing your experience.
No worries, we will get this sorted.
The simplest way to avoid the problem now is disabling ‘Photon UI’ in game client settings:

We just updated the examples for EVE Online to work with the new Photon UI.

You can run the new adapted mining bot from https://catalog.botlab.org/a689719bb197c77a