Harvesting Ice

Hello, which part of the script to change to allow for Ice Harvester II usage? at the moment it just warps to the ice belt and sits there.

The included mining script depends at least on the name in the overview (to decide what to target), the text in the target, and the text in the tooltip of the module (to decide whether the module should be used for mining).

I would first try to adjust the module classification. The number of mining modules is written in the log entry, this is where you can check whether the classification works.

I’d try to replace the ‘SetModuleMiner’ property like so and then check whether the log shows the expected number:

Sanderling.Accumulation.IShipUiModule[] SetModuleMinerIce =>     Sanderling.MemoryMeasurementAccu?.Value?.ShipUiModule     ?.Where(module => module?.TooltipLast?.Value?.LabelText?.Any(label => label?.Text?.RegexMatchSuccessIgnoreCase("Ice Harvester") ?? false) ?? false)?.ToArray();  Sanderling.Accumulation.IShipUiModule[] SetModuleMiner => SetModuleMinerIce;