Getting into botting for the first time?

I’ve played on and off from 2019 to 2022, and I have absolutely no experience in botting, automating or programming.

I am looking to get or make a bot to automate salvaging (using drones), ratting (ishtar, gila, the drone boats), and mining.

Important details I want to specify is that I’d like to delay the time randomly between each command and do one account at a time, to make the bots behave as realistically as possible, as if I were multiboxing them to avoid being banned.

Welcome Tony :wave:

To give an overview of how the customization of bot programs works: Bot development means recording what you are doing when playing the game and selecting the relevant parts from your play sessions to be used as training data.
Once you have collected the training data, the programming happens mostly automatically.

When selecting bot 8cab38824b or bot b56d09f315, you can randomize the delay by entering minimum delay and maximum delay like this:

bot-step-delay = 1000 - 2000

You can use different intervals in each play session.
The input scheduling function in the BotLab client ensures there is only one bot sending input at a time :+1: