Getting an error using bot

Im not a big pc nerd but i cant seem to figure out how to set up this bot, im getting this in the terminal:

Current reading: mining hold filled Unknown%. Shield HP at 100%. Found 0 mining modules. I do not see the drones window.

  • I see ship UI and overview, undocking complete.
    ++ mining hold is not selected. Select the mining hold.
    +++ I do not see the mining hold under the active ship in the inventory.
    ++++ Click the toggle button to expand.

Bot keeps expanding the inventory tab endlessly not doing anything else. Any help would be appreciated!

According to the message, the appearance of the mining hold in your game client differs too much from the training data.
Since the appearance in your game client is too different from the game clients seen so far, the bot cannot recognize it.
The solution is to fine-tune the bot using the recording from your game client.
You can send the play session recording export to Then I can adapt the bot to your game client.