Forum Bugs

Hi guys I get this “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” when trying to use messaging and preferences.
I would have contacted you by message but i also get the same error when trying to view your profile and cannot read replies.

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Looks like the forum system is not prepared for spaces in usernames. I will look into this soon. I will switch the forum to readonly mode for maintenance so posting will be disabled.
Current plan is to replace spaces in usernames by dashes and then see if there are any other issues.

I will post here when I finished this change.

I completed the change, posting is now enabled again.
@Darth-Diggler, can you use preferences and messaging now?

Yes that’s working now Thank you.

Now that I`m able to use setting I am having a problem uploading an Avatar it keeps saying you image needs to be no more than 40kb but I was trying to upload a 25kb file so I tried a gravatar and it said it couldn’t find that either.

Not really important just thought would let you know .

Thats strange, what dimensions and file format did that image have?

jpeg 465x600

oops! my post must be at least 20 characters :slight_smile:

I just tried that, created a jpeg file with those dimensions and 26.119 bytes size. Uploading this as “Profile Picture” worked, at the moment I have no idea what is causing the problem you are seeing.

Did you mean something other than “Profile Picture”?

Ok I got it working by downloading the gravatar version of the image from another website and uploading that here .

However when trying to select Gravatar option on this forum I get this " Sorry, we can’t find any avatar associated with that email address. Can you try uploading it again?" I know its the correct address as I have just used it to show and download my Gravatar image from another website .

This really does not matter to me as I have uploaded my image now I just wanted to let you know there is a fault with the select Gravatar option.