Fleet Mining Project

At the moment I consider to implement a fleet mining bot using multiple EVE accounts. Probably I would like to find some team members to develop this.

For Example, the bot scenario may look like this:

  • 2x Exumers using T2 Strip Mining Lasers with T2 Crystals
  • 1x Orca as a mining booster, mining director, fleet commander
  • 1x Freighter as ore hauler, pick up the ore from cans or from the orca
  • Exumers are dynamically switching crystal corresponding to the ore type
  • Mining profile and roles can be configured for each mining participant.
  • Configurations can be bind to ingame characters and automatically attached by sanderling
  • The mining participants are coordinating their activity in order to strip the whole belt.
  • Using drones to mine and defend the group

But I see some risks regarding sanderling framework I would love to clarify:

  • Does sanderling offer all the required functionality? Especially handling of mining crystals?
  • Is sanderling able to be used on multiple eve accounts somehow?
  • May I use an own implementation of IPC to coordinate multiple bots?
  • Will I run into license issues, if I use sanderling frequently?
  • How reliable is Sanderling? Is there somehow a test suite to ensure quality of the sanderling functionality even regarding EVE client updates?
  • Is sanderling supported in a professional way, or should I understand it as a as it is, just a toy for kids?
  • Is it promising to spend my time at a big project based on sanderling?
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I am working currently on a diffrent project, but a fleet mining bot is my log time goal.

I currently working on a way to program with python with the .NET-dll’s from Sanderling, in other words I try to create an interpreter, that I can run standalone python programs.

My only problem right now is, that I dont exacly how I should use the dll’s do read the money of eve :slight_smile:

About the functionality I don’t see a problem so far, because its open source and we can program what we want.

I don`t see problems with the license, because Sanderling uses the Apache 2.0 License. You can find it on the internet to read more about it.

The multiple accounts are not a problem too.

Hi there,

as I know most of the EVE client has been implemented with python. They use stackless python, which enables serialization of players server session from one server to another, and reattaching to client session. Everytime a player jumps through a stargate to the next solar system he may change the server machine physically. So stackless python comes in very handy to transfer current session data to the next server. And many of the process memory has well known python object format and being easely accessible by sanderling framework.

Probably the wallet relevant data is dynamically obfuscated by the game client, because it is heavily targeted by game hackers and bot developers. Probably the encrypted values will be directly rendered from memory to picture at the grahic card, or will be simply transferred as read only picture. So it is not available as a data value in memory. The calculation and math of the wallet is only executed at the server side, encapsulated by consistend booking transactions as it is known from real banking software. The wallet is the foundation of game consistency and must never be hacked, so the game never run into a market desaster, caused by hackers. And even sanderling is not able to work out the decrypted values reading the process memeory.

I think, wallet and market data must be detected by OCR, which is not provided by sanderling.

I know, there is used Apache 2.0 License by sanderling, but its not really open source due to the fact, sanderling consist of many Dlls without published correponding source code. I even didn’t find a complete description of what the Dlls contains in detail and what they are doing. The staedy line to a license service and a bot operation key service implies the risk of unkown data exchange, and dysfunction of bot implementation in case of unavailable services. That really scares me.

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As I have seen at the moment, the wallet and market values can be retrieved by the EVE API.


Any news on this? :wink:

Here is the way to mine semi automatically with orca:

  1. Position your orca in asteroid belt (warp in 100, create bookmark, warp back, warp to created bookmark in 100 and you’ll be able to warp to any asteriod you want saving time for maneuver)
  2. Warp all other fleet members to your orca, set keep at range to your orca within 2500m and open orca fleet hangar.
  3. Edit fleet memebers script as follow:
    // Name of the container to unload to as shown in inventory.
    string UnloadDestContainerName = "Orca (Fleet Hangar)";
    @ line 164 edit:
    // InitiateDockToOrWarpToBookmark(UnloadBookmark);
  4. Start bot on your fleet members
  5. Pilot your orca manually and keep an eye on Fleet Hangar moving ore to orca’s main ore hold :sunglasses:


excatly what Im trying to achieve!