Fleet Help Bot

Hi Guys!

Here is my Fleet Mining Helper.
When you have to Mine in a Corvetor and to Unload all to FleetHanger of an Orca than it is a very boaring job.

So my bot will unload to fleet hanger
and it will follow the orca in 1000m range.

Only Target and turn on miner is your job… maybe i try also to automate this job…

Hints and Tips are welcome!


really nice script.
the only problem with fleet scripts is when you are in a corpo fleet, and you want to compress the minerals. to identify your own minerals is really difficult( impossible?? )
I have made a ice script , and let him beep me when my cargo is full , so I compress manually and to not lose the stuffs

in our fleet mining operations, we mine all in one Hauler and at the end all will devided between all pilots too same parts. so there is no need to figure this out :slight_smile:

Hey Toni, I have not seen this bot before. Thank you for sharing this with us!

To help other people find this bot, I added a link to the bot catalog:

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@Viir Sir is this available for the new engine?

@cobby09 I don’t know. I would ask the author.