First timer, mining bot question!

hello new here

after countless hours, I finally figure out how to activate the warp to 0 bot and after countless of more hours I figure out the mining bot lol (i have no experience with coding and all this cool stuff) so few questions:

It is possible to add configurations to the mining bot? is perfect but rats are killing my venture if i let it afk mining. so is it possible to add like a conf to throw drones when shield is under 100%? like, -99% shield, deploy drones , target close red market, kill red market, no more market detected, undeploy drones?

not sure how this coding stuff work but i want to learn, is interesting lol and sorry for my spelling.

There are also guides on how to use autopilot bot and mining bot, without any need for coding. Using these guides, the time should be less than ten minutes:

Maybe the names can be improved to make these guides easier to find :thinking:

Now about using drones with the mining bot:

Yes, but in this case, it will require additional training data.

First step is to get an idea of how a player can achieve what you want the bot to do.
There is a framework to help with this: Begin by making a screenshot of the game client in the situation where the bot should do something different than you see it doing.

Here is an example: Screenshot of game client

Based on the screenshot, write down what input the bot should send to the game client.

For adding using drones to the mining bot, we can take a shortcut: It seems we could copy most of the implementation from the anomaly ratting bot. That bot already has functions launchAndEngageDrones and returnDronesToBay.

We can copy those and integrating them into the mining bot decision tree. That leaves the handling of the targets. How do we lock the targets for the rats? The ratting bot has to do this too, so we can again go and loot the code of that bot. In the combat function we have the parts to identify the overview entries representing rats and the subset which are not yet locked as targets.

Now I think the easiest way is to copy the combat function and remove the parts to activate weapon modules.

I uploaded the change to integrate the drones functionality into the mining bot at

You can run the new mining bot so:

botengine  run-bot  ""