Feature Requests - Mining Bot

For the mining bot

  1. I want to be able to prioritize the ore mined, for example:
    In the overview tab there may be an asteroid type called Plagioclase, which will have 2 different types extra types which are worth more, Rich Plagioclase and Azure Plagioclase. I want to be able to prioritize with 3 options in the options, and have the bot approach the first asteroid that meets my list, or proceed to the next best, and if all else fails, then select any valid target.

  2. The bot seems to leave drones behind from time to time, this is fine, but I want it to re-stock back at the structure. Allow me to define a drone name, and if drone bay is not full, move new drones into the drone bay from item hanger while docked.

  3. When running away, respect the structure preference, or after finishing warp, initiate a second warp so you dock at preferred structure/station, vs random one selected due to runaway. Don’t unload at runaway random structure.

  4. The bot sometimes get stuck, from window error, or UI component that is needed. Or you click the Pause button. When this happens, pause consumption of credits until active mining resumes.

Hello, I’ve been using the mining bot a few days now and found the following things that could possibly be improved or added.

  1. I have seen a diff file somewhere here in the forum to add the functionality to warp to the preferred unload station/structure N seconds before the session timeout is reached. I would not know how to implement that but it seems to be a very useful feature. Could that be added to the latest mining bot including the setting for the desired session time left ?

The following are mainly concerns I have about detectability and I have no idea if that even is an issue but I have seen that implemented in other bots. Its just me being paranoid.

  1. Add a setting to allow randomization of the time between bot actions, for example: If the time between activating the afterburner, 1st and 2nd mining laser is 1.5 sec, allow to have a randomization of N ms. the N ms would be a “window” withing to randomise or what ever one might call it to delay an action by a randon number of ms withing the ms window configured.

  2. Randomize mouse click by N pixels. I am not 100% sure but by the loks of it the bot click always the exact same spot for any given action. IDK if CCP has awarenes of the exact click coordinates but if they have or add such awareness just like the above delay randomization I would certainly help. Most if not all elements of the UI have a defined area where a click would cause the desired action, maybe randomization can be made to fall within that threshold.

Thank You !
A random but thankful user.

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Welcome @Sooner :wave:

Thank you for sharing your experience!

No problem. When we have a sample of a session timeout indication from a game client, I will adapt the bot. You can link a complete session archive as a reference.

I will add a function to randomize bots’ timing and clicks. We will add a way to get entropy into the bot for these randomizations. Deriving entropy from observations like pixel values seems not ideal because that would interfere with the session reduction functionality to remove identifying information. We will use a dedicated command and event to get entropy/noise from the host to solve this.