Feature Request Don't know if this is the correct place for this

I have a feature request for the library.

The Esc-System menu
I would like a way of identifying the current Short-cuts so we can query the client for the correct keystrokes.

I don’t have a clue if this is even feasible or how difficult it would be but I thought I would suggest it and see if there is anyone else that would be interested in this feature.

Keep up the good work.

you mean the window where the shortcuts are?
it’s hard, you have to parse and “decode” a lot of changeable variables.
put them all on default ( at least the scripts are made on default sortcuts) , if you have the chars only for botting.
if you use the same char for manual act( fleet, pvp etc etc) then is better to change the shortcuts from script

But if you have a lot of chars And each one have his own shortcuts profile, then…; is time to rearange them :stuck_out_tongue: ( in my opinion, to parse and decode even 30 variables of each tab from a window just to look if F is the good shortcut… is a little too much. More than that, you have to “import” this variables - all maybe to script or at each “f” for example you have to ask the variable from an “esc” window cluster. But Viir have the last word, if he want , he can create a mod for eve and the ships will look like the goauld ships for stargate … :))) )

simply not doable and not worth any efford, as EVE shortcuts are in several windows and behind scrollbars and you are hardly using 10 of them.

working with defauls is always better.