Farm Manager - Tribal Wars 2 Farmbot

If you share a screenshot or the output from the bot user interface, I will take a look at it.

Let’s have a look: What output do you get from the script? Usually, the details in the output help me see how to adapt it to your scenario.

Hello! Well, i found out! Didn’t see that the script want the farm type in front to work!
I have another question tho. If i minimize the script, stop working? Or continue to farm?
Thnx in advance

Minimizing the script makes no difference, it will continue farming. But, minimizing the browser window might prevent it from farming. If you want to pause it, you can use the SHIFT + CTRL + ALT keys.

One more last question i hope mate! haha
The script works for about 15 min! If i want to use it more than that,what i have to do?
Thnx in advance again mate!

When you want the bot to run more than 15 minutes per session, use an online-bot session as explained at

Online bot sessions cost 2000 credits per hour. To add credits to your account, follow the instructions at

For more about purchasing and using credits, see the guide at

I made this video to show how to start the farmbot and set up everything needed in the game:

Thanks for this bot, I really like it!
I was wondering if there is a way to make sure the bot doesn’t send a farm to a specific village? Some barbarian villages of players who stopped playing still have walls, so everytime a farm is sent there some troops die.

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Welcome @Bartholomeus! Thank you for sharing your observation!

At the moment, there is no quick way to avoid a specific village.
I could expand the bot to support these scenarios: It could read the battle reports and avoid villages where troops died in the last 24 hours.

Would it be sufficient to read the newest 1000 reports in your case to get this information even before the first cycle?

Yes that would definitely be enough, this would avoid all walled barbarians close to my villages. Would be great!

Thank you for confirming :+1:

So I am planning to add this feature to the bot. I will post here when I have news.

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Today, an older model that worked with reporting attacks stopped working.
I can’t put the new system into operation at all. If I don’t succeed, I won’t use it anymore,
Only after unpacking the rar file and running it from the command line did I manage. I’m still helpless.

Please help with startup. Thank you

Hello @peki1808, sorry to read you are having trouble with the startup.

Here is how to start it:

Starting the Farmbot

This video shows the process of starting the farmbot and setting up your Tribal Wars 2 account:

To start the farmbot, download the executable file from and then run it.

The first time you start the bot, it will download a web browser component. This can take some time, depending on your internet connection.

I can also assist you live via screenshare if that is easier for you.

Tribal Wars 2 Farmbot Starting

When the browser download is finished, the bot opens a ‘chromium’ web browser window, which is a variant of googles chrome web browser. In the Windows taskbar, it appears with an icon that is a blueish version of the google chrome logo:

Chromium Window Appears

In the browser window opened by the bot, navigate to the Tribal Wars 2 website and log in to your world so that you see your villages.

Then the browsers address bar will probably show an URL like

I can also assist you live via remote screenshare if that is easier for you.

The test robot for 15 minutes works great for me. I just can’t configure the running robot without time and online restrictions.

Would it be possible to help through Team Viewer?

I configure a variant for you that runs longer. The limit is three days, which translates to the setting of 4320 minutes for the --session-length-limit: FrontendWeb.Main

To download a script with this time setting, use this link:

Sure, Team Viewer works.

If you have time, I will send the login details

Now I have time, you can send me a private message with details.

Thank you for your personal approach and help. Installation is difficult for me. It is great described how to proceed, probably incomprehensible to me. :frowning:
It looks so simple when watching a professional do. :slight_smile:

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