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Using Eve Combat Anomaly 08-25-2022 and Botlab Client 2022-10-18. Error is “failed to start session” and “failed to parse pausebotkeys”. I get this error with all the Eve bots since updating to new client. Unfortunately this is not leaving a log. What should I try please?

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Thank you for the report!
It looks like you have discovered a bug in the latest version of the client. I see it fails to parse the --pause-bot-keys option.
I will fix that and publish a new version.
You don’t have to wait for that fix because you can omit that option. The BotLab client uses the same key combination, ‘SHIFT+CTRL+ALT’ as the default. So this combination is the same one used when you don’t use that option anyway.

Leave this textbox in the configuration interface empty to avoid the bug in the current version:

Besides the configuration, I recommend you switch to bot 0edb5a7f0f for anomaly ratting in EVE Online.

Thank you so much for the quick and effective response!

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