Eve update from 7.12.2021 breaks mining bot

Hello. Since yesterday’s update mining bot wouldn’t unload ore. It thinks there’s nothing in cargo hold and undocks while still being full. I’ve made corrections and created pull request Updated mining for Eve version 19.11 released on 2021-12-07 by user7 · Pull Request #46 · Viir/bots · GitHub , while my commit is likely flawed, at least you can use it as a reference to see what changed.


Thank you very much for this update!

To clarify the situation for others reading this thread: The new mining bot and other EVE Online bots have been published on GitHub so that anybody can use them.
Following is a link to the commit in which also contains the adapted EVE Online bots: Updated mining for Eve version 19.11 released on 2021-12-07 · user7/bots@4916d68 · GitHub
The mining bot is at bots/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-mining-bot at 4916d68af4f812376c5ff3bfbe99c00db069fc2d · user7/bots · GitHub

Because the adapted bots are public, the reactor automatically creates catalog entries when someone uses them in an online session.

You can also run the mining bot from https://catalog.botlab.org/444347b38500dca7