Eve - Recruitment Bot

Hey all,

I have managed to get few different bots working by experimenting, but wanted to see if any one had come across a bot thats used to post a link, predefined text and an ingame channel link (essentially a typical corp invite message on the recruitment channel.)

Would be handy to have one running in the background to save having to do it manually all the time.

Did a search of the catalogue, but not luck - will continue to search this forum too.

Any help much appreciated,


Essentially copy/pasting a message every x seconds? Or CTRL+UpArrow to repeat last message sent in chat.
It is possible with botengine, but might make more sense to use something like autoitscript for something so basic. You don’t really need to read memory to achieve this successfully.

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Either would work really, its just adding a timer to do it every X minutes or so. Not come across the script you mentioned, will look into it as well!


Try using clicker bots. You just set your work script and it does a great job. There are ready-made ones, and if you have basic knowledge of any programming language, then you can write such a bot in 20 minutes