EVE Online rattling anomaly bot problem: Delay after "launch drones"Bot do not see specified anomaly name

Hi Everybody!
I got a small problem: In the current version of bot, the delay between script commands “lauch drones” nad “attack target” is rather short. The game client needs some time to refresh the ingame drone interface window after command “launch drones”.
Consequently, on my PC (not the slowest one :wink: ) bot does not wait long enough and try to use right-click mouse to give drones a command to attack the target. However, this right-click occures on the position of the screen where “drones in space” is not displayed yet… :frowning:
I see 2 options to solve this:

  1. Simply to increase waiting time between script command “launch drones” and the next script command “attack target”
  2. More clever solution: To program the bot wait with “attack” command untill it will “see” that drones are in space.
    Could someone help me on that? For the drone-using ships this is really a problem…


Yes, you can make it wait before clicking by branching on whether you sent any effects to the game client in the previous step. Here is an example implementing it:

In your case you can simplify the condition:

if context.previousStepEffects /= []
then waitForProgressInGame
else the_branch_you_use_to_attack_target