EVE Online rattling anomaly bot issue: Bot do not see specified anomaly name

Dear Authors,

in my first attempt to configure rattling anomaly bot to warp on anomaly of certain name (Guristas Rally Point in my case) i got a problem: Bot is writing in its status message that it see 17 anomalies but there is no anomaly of specified name although there are some. After half an hour of checking for spelling I gave up… Could you please to suggest how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance

Check Again, did you let bot see “Combat Site” text in Scanner Windows?

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First step to fix is to find out what your scenario is.
The easiest way to share your scenario is to link your session recording. You can get the recording using the “Download session archive” button in the session view in devtools.
If you have not used this function before, this guide explains it in detail: https://to.botengine.org/guide/how-to-report-an-issue-with-an-app-or-request-a-new-feature

Thank you both a lot for quick feedback! BrainCorner was right :slight_smile: words “Combat site” vere not seen in scanner. I might get it, but I don’t, shame on me :wink: I expanded the line so they get visible and bot see them as well. So, problem is solved!

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