Eve Online problems in VMWare

Some upgrading options I see here:

  • Upgrade VMWare configuration, there might be a way to improve eve online performance in VMWare player with different settings.
  • Upgrade to use Windows Remote Desktop to host the Eve Online Client Window: This would obviate the need for VMWare and this likely improve performance.

I observed that sometimes eve online UI needs more than one of the general rendering frames to react when running in VMWare Workstation. That looked to me more like a problem with the portion of the system that decides when to update the UI.

I encountered this issue recently, did some research and found this is a holdover from version 8 of VMWare. A “working fix” is to set your VM to only have one core, and for some reason the Eve client runs considerably better. It may start running slower after a few hours, but for a couple hours at least it runs better than having multiple cores.

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