Eve Online Missions Bot - Undetected

Hello, I developed a new Eve Online lvl 4 mission running bot and I am currently developing an Abyssal running bot and a few others.

My question is: am I allowed to sell it here ?

The bot is doing lvl 4 Recon 1 missions with a frig/interceptor and it mimics a human’s randomized clicks, delays etc. The reason of the bot is that it can make isk safely in empire and in the near future, I plan to release my low and null sec mission bot that can avoid station camps and a lot more.

A honest feedback and a straight answer will be greatly appreciated!

PS: I am not trying to disrupt this forum’s conduit, hence me asking if I can sell my bot here.

Thank you!

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Hello DopeFish,

Normally i don’t respond on the forums directly, but in this case i make an exception. First off, kudos for the open and honest message and question.

Now the real question is, did you use Sanderling to make your bot? If not, then i don’t really know if it will be a good idea to sell it here.

But if you use Sanderling for reading the memory, than you could ask @Viir to sell it here. Because Sanderling is completely opensource, there are many bots built on the Sanderling base that are used for private use only.

It would be great if we could have a Sanderling store like they did with HonorBuddy (the Wow bot). This created a way for the script and bot developers to sell new functions and additions, without giving the actual code. This way the bot platform developer(Virr) and the user that make a good bot are both rewarded for there effort. It’s just like a extension/plugin that can be loaded once you bought the extension from the store.

Either way, Virr is the one you want to talk to.

Good luck and i hope i could be of any help :slight_smile:


Thank you for the reply and explanation. I did not use Sanderling, I used another platform and converted it into an EXE for easy use of the bot by other users with no scripting experience.

Hopefully in the near future we can see a store for people like us because I am developing bots constantly and it would be a pity to see each bot developer create a website where he sells his bots.

Anyway, thank you for the explanation!


Since it’s not sanderling based, it will probably not be allowed.