Eve Online Mining settings, lock cycle, and startup

I started using the mining bot and it has been working fine.

Some questions I have around optimization:
-The bot seems to go through a lock/unlock cycle for a while when it approaches an asteroid before it actually starts mining. I’d like to cut this down, but I’m guessing it does it for a reason. (the log seems to show the lock succeeding)
-How do I find out what app-settings are available and what their syntax is? I want to change some things like approach distance, etc. (it seems like the bot waits until it is right next to the asteroid to start mining).
-How do you know how to find the latest version? I currently use
botengine run-bot --online-session bots/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-mining-bot at 8db3758e0bb81a0a1a6016b1a049f5f55a1b6b4a · Viir/bots · GitHub
But doesn’t the hex code change with each version?

Welcome Jim,
thank you for sharing your experience.

To me, this unlocking seems unnecessary for now. When checking whether to promote a version for integration into the guide, I look mostly for safety, ease of use, and performance in terms of mined volume per hour. I am not surprised if we discover a scenario in which it performs a redundant operation. Such discoveries are usual because its easy to adapt the bot to such findings.

I followed the link to the version you used. As I understand it, the case you described depends on the time the locking takes with your setup. When the duration for locking the asteroid is in a specific range, this part of the implementation could cause the unlocking:

Here it is picking any menu entry containing the text lock. I think it could be improved not anymore to match the entry containing unlock. Besides, it should also check if the locking of that object is already in progress and not enter the lock sequence in that case.

Looking in the linked code, I see the settings are not yet described in the overall bot description. So I found them here:

It looks like this bot uses the lower of targeting-range and mining-module-range to decide the distance for targeting. You can set them like this:


Yes the hex code changes for each version. To find the latest version, you can open the bots address in a web browser and on the web page use the dropdown input to change to the master branch. Here is a video of this process in the user interface:
How to find the latest version of an app
This switch brings you to the address https://github.com/Viir/bots/tree/master/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-mining-bot
As shown in the video, pressing the ‘Y’ key on that page then changes the address to the latest version. So you can copy this from the web browsers address bar and use with the botengine run-bot command.

@ElHefe I made a new version to adapt to your discovery. You can run it from bots/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-mining-bot at cfdc7970f5225651618597c517532ad7a59829e0 · Viir/bots · GitHub

I tested this, along with the lock and mining settings, and it worked great!

I don’t see any more lock/unlock. I think you were right, they were really multiple lock commands running because it couldn’t see the first one finish before it started the second one. However, once the first one did finish, the “lock” selection in the menu became “unlock”. I’m not sure what broke it out of the loop in the old version, but it would eventually figure it out. However, in the new version, everything works find (for me).

Also, changing the lock and mining range has let me get one extra full 120 second cycle in before I would have previously. Thanks!

I’ll explore the other settings. If I want to write up a readme for them, just submit a merge request?


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Both versions do not attempt to lock an asteroid if there is already a locked target in targets:

So the older version does not run into this issue when the target locking is already complete by the time it takes the reading from the game client for the next bot step. So it not only depends on the locking time but also on the delay between bot steps and the time needed for the memory reading.

Yes, a merge request works, I read these. I see it would be useful to have a guide for the settings in the bot description.

I sent you another merge request to make the “return home” threshold configurable. I’ll send another one for the readme. Thanks for making this so available.

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Thank you, I think I can take a look at it tomorrow.

Thank you for sharing this improvement!

I see this version has already been tested for twenty hours: FrontendWeb.Main

I merged it here:

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