EVE online Mining bot

Hello, I was wondering - the bot description only states that the bot will do belt mining. Can it do anomaly mining? If so, how do I tell it which anom to mine? I’d like this bot to do ice anomaly mining at first, then branch out to other anoms.

Yes, you can also have it mine in anomalies. The way to do it depends on how you want to travel to that anomaly. In the user interface of the EVE Online game client, you will usually find multiple ways to make that trip.
For example, if you have a bookmark for that anomaly, you can tell the bot the bookmark’s name (the text displayed on the corresponding menu entry) to warp to that bookmark as the mining site.

Another scenario would have anomalies that match your preferences visible in the probe scanner. Then you could use the texts displayed in the corresponding probe scan result entries to filter for the subset of scan results that make for (a good) mining site.

How can I make the bot warp to an anomaly point that is in the bookmark?