Eve-online-mining bot

Is there a way to have an external config file that could be edited and called when bot runs locally?

Can you set which ore to mine?

Also is the a key combination to pause the bot?

Yes, you can download a base config file from https://catalog.botengine.org/08C2F5B083533BAAA290083127B29E315BC6BF17E6FC10EC0278BB8EC6151A51

To edit the config file, I see two options:

  • Edit in the script/config file directly.
  • Use the configuration editor on the catalog, following the " :gear: Configure app" button and then download the resulting configuration file.


Yes, the default is SHIFT+CTRL+ALT.
If you want to change that, enter another combination into the text box at “–pause-app-keys”

Is there a method to use drones to mine … recall them when rats are present … used combat drones to kill rats … when no more rats recall combat drones and relaunch mining drones

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Simply create an overview with only the ore you want mined.

There was a way with the old implementation from what I read (Sanderling), don’t know if anyone made it to elm. Getting the drones to start mining can be simple, by pressing F with the asteroid locked and selected (pressing keys described here). The old sanderling post that identifies NPCs (can be helpful to decide which drones to launch and when) can be found here. Still, as I said, the bot is built on elm now.