Eve Online Mining bot warp problem


sometimes the bot wants to jump to the station i selected but due to some error he can select the station but the following menu with the option to dock doesnt open and then he tries again and fails and wont stop trying even though the station is in the overview tab and then he plays with the rang filter in overview but sets it to locked

Blockzitat {
“botlabClientVersion”: “2023-08-20”,
“botId”: “b56d09f31502b4d9b1351b52eae25da45569336af523e501a59022a6e58f1880”,
“initialBotSettingsHash”: “6e5bf5”,
“sessionCustomName”: “2023-10-05T17-32-23”,
“onlineSessionId”: null,
“lastBotStep”: {
“sessionAgeMilliseconds”: 228710,
“statusTextFromBot”: "Session performance: times unloaded: 0, volume unloaded / m\u00B3: 0\n—\nCurrent reading: mining hold filled 100%. Shield HP at 100%. Found 0 mining modules. I see the drones window: In bay: 10, in space: 0.\n\u002B I see ship UI and overview, undocking complete.\n\u002B\u002B The mining hold is filled at least 99%. Unload the ore.\n\u002B\u002B\u002B I do not see the station in the overview window. I use the menu from the surroundings button.\n\u002B\u002B\u002B\u002B Open context menu on surroundings button\n--------\nEVE Online framework status:\nFailed to acquire input focus: Exception: System.Exception: Some simulated input commands were not sent successfully. The most common reason for this happening are the security features of Windows including User Interface Privacy Isolation (UIPI). Your application can only send commands to applications of the same or lower elevation. Similarly certain commands are restricted to Accessibility/UIAutomation applications. Refer to the project home page and the code samples for more information.\r\n at WindowsInput.WindowsInputMessageDispatcher.DispatchInput(INPUT inputs)\r\n at WindowsInput.KeyboardSimulator.SendSimulatedInput(INPUT inputList)\r\n at WindowsInput.KeyboardSimulator.KeyDown(VirtualKeyCode keyCode)\r\n at Submission#0.SetForegroundWindowInWindows.TrySetForegroundWindow(IntPtr windowHandle)\nReading from game completed "
“finishReason”: null

Edit: maybe a feature where you align to the station where you unload the ore before starting to mine would be also helpful if its possible

Edit: I made a recording of the error and uploading it to GDrive the funny thing is in some systems when the ship is full it can select and warp to that structure in others it wont

any help is appreciated


Also no Problems selecting the Belts it seems to be a problem with the structures maybe, also can you explain if it would be possible to have a mining order for different ore for example first Dense then Concentrated then normal Veldspar?