Eve Online mining bot not moving after load full ore

It makes everything perfect, it runs out to the specified station if shield decreases. With 2x shield hardener and 2x drones it survives the attacks but after complete the ore cargo it does not move anywhere to unload it and end the cycle turning itself off from the bot launcher. The file is custom config with the favourite station and shield hardener activation.

Link to play session report:


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Thank you for sharing your experience. If you share the detailed session recording, I can look into why it does not move to unload with your setup.

The file on Google Drive you linked above is the summary report of session 2022-06-11T21-58-14-a9ce01
When you link the complete detailed export of 2022-06-11T21-58-14-a9ce01 I can look into it.



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Yes, that file contains the complete session.
When selecting event 524 in that session, you can see the game client showed the mining hold as filled 2115 of 5000 m³. That is 42 percent.
Also, the status text from the bot at that moment contains these parts:

Current reading: mining hold filled 42%.
++ The mining hold is not yet filled 99%. Get more ore.
+++ I see a locked target.
++++ All known mining modules found so far are active.

That bot in that session was 3e70ddd9f0.
3e70ddd9f0 only moves for unloading with default settings when the mining hold is filled at least 99 percent. That is why it did not move in that case.

Now you have at least two options:

  1. Wait until the ore hold fills up to 99%.
  2. Change the bot settings to lower the threshold for unloading to 42 percent.

You can change that threshold with the setting ore-hold-max-percent.
To set the threshold to 42 percent, add this line to your bot-settings:

ore-hold-max-percent = 42

With that change in your bot-settings, you can see the bot changes behavior in event 524. The status text then contains these parts:

Current reading: mining hold filled 42%.
++ The mining hold is filled at least 42%. Unload the ore.
+++ I see there are drones in local space. Return those to bay.

Well, I think I found the problem. game screen resolution and a weird UI problem when doing alt+shift+f9 and then turn off the monitor. alt+shitf+f9 makes EVE turn off the render engine so you can see all the UI but no game graphics. And I use 2 monitors, 1x 1920x1080 + 1x 4K. For some reason the 4K resolution goes FHD and the UI elements look like bugged. I send you screenshot. I am no expert but probably that make bot crazy. I must then start the game with only one of the monitors on. Will continue testing to see if it is stable now.


Good point about the two monitors. As you describe that setup, it seems likely that DPI settings in Windows differ between the two monitors. I have not tested with a mixed-DPI setup. Maybe there is a problem that only manifests in such a setup. If a program like a bot assumes the wrong DPI for the target window, that can cause mouse positioning to be off, which in turn could lead to missing a targeted UI element.
It sounds like you found a stable configuration now, but if you want us to take a closer look, let me know.