Eve online Idea for swapping between mining drone and defensive drone

@Viir do you think would be possible to add a way to use mining drone, and when inside the overview any hostile npc pop up, to recall them and instead launch the defensive one?
When no more hostile around back to the mining one
As you know for sure drone management can be done by mouse click and context menu clicks, but I don’t know if we are able to spot npc inside the overview
Another usefull detail is that may we will need also a setting to ignore certain npc, there are few that will not attack us if we ignore them

Sure, that sounds simple enough. When a rat targets you, you should see an indication for that in the overview.
For the drones, I recommend looking into the dronesWindow field.

Simple way is to create groups for drones, Mining and attack.
You can switch the Drone in to the froups and can start and recall from the group name

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