Eve Online Bot won't return to it's undocking Location

Hello again,

The Bot is working fine but it is not letting me return to a Location. It tries to get to a NPC station but I’M starting from a player station but it’s not returning to it, it’s just trying to get to the NPC station but of course not being able to do so for I have undocked my ship from a player Station… I hope it’s possible to change it somehow

Hi Anthony!

Here is a bot that you can configure to dock at a station or structure:

This bot uses the menu from the surroundings button in the location info panel to dock.
Here is a screenshot of the menu:

In the menu, the bot picks “Stations” or “Structures” depending on your app-settings.

  • If you want to use a menu entry under “stations”, use the unload-station-name setting.
  • If you want to use a menu entry under “structures”, use the unload-structure-name setting.

As the setting value, use the name of the station or structure. You can use the name as it appears in the info panel when you are docked there. Or you can use the name as it appears in the menu entry.

Here is an example of a complete app-settings string for the linked bot:

unload-station-name=the name of your station


Also, if you see a way to distinguish a structure from a station while being docked, I could make a bot that automatically finds its way back to either of these. With such a bot, you would not need any of the settings mentioned above. Maybe you see a difference somewhere in the station lobby window?

I’m trying it right now but it’s not working because before the Bot can choose the name of the Structure it has to click on its typ. For example structures-> Refinery- the name of your structure and therefore it’s on hold because it does not get further than the menu point Structures… So there must be a way to tell the bot something like unload-structure-name=structuretype “and then” the name of your station.

I will def keep my eyes on that! Just started playing it but if I do find it I will let u know :slight_smile:

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In light of these discoveries about the menu from the surroundings button, I wonder if it was simpler to use a menu opened on the overview.
If we use the overview that would simplify the settings, you would no longer have to distinguish between the two settings mentioned earlier. Also, the approach of picking the station by the remembered name might then also work again for structures.

I have some questions about your process for mining:

  • How do you warp or dock to the station usually?
  • Can you find the station you want to dock at in the overview? Is there an overview tab in which you see the station without scrolling?

I have found a solar system where structures are not defined into other categories. So I will try the Bot here first. I will send you some pictures of the overview and how I use it mainly.

I usally warp or dock to stations or structures via Overview because I can save the locations and while being on the mining overview it shows the saved locations(stations or structures).

And yes I can find the Stations/Structures in the overview if I have saved them.


On the First Picture you see on the bottom of the mining overview the saved location(structure) it is only there when you save the wanted location! AND the list may not be big enough and therefore no scrolling is need but there are areas where u have to scroll at the overview.

There on the top left u see that the structures are simple defined so it may be possible for the Bot u have mentioned earlier to find its way back.


On this picture you see the problem! After you name the structure in the settings the Bot tries to find the name but it’s confronted with the the categories Citadel/Engineering Complex and Refinery! I have set the name but it’s not able to click on Category Refinery and therefore can’t warp or dock back to the structure.

I Hope this helps a bit

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Yes, that helps a lot. You discovered many new aspects around navigating the game UI there, enabling developers to make bots that successfully navigate.

I see that is a new kind of menu structure. No wonder that bot does not work in that scenario.

Ok, so one way to make the station visible would be to scroll the overview down.

Since the station seems to appear at the bottom, it seems we could simplify the scrolling by scrolling directly to the bottom.
I think there is a good chance that there is a keyboard shortcut for scrolling down. I would try to set the focus on the overview and then press the End key.

I guess when we start mining, the overview should be scrolled back to the top. But docking might reset it to the top anyway, so we might not need to send input for scrolling up.

Now that you mentioned saving the location again, another way would be using bookmarks. Maybe you can find your station under the “Locations” menu entry, with the name that you assigned when saving.

Another idea to simplify scrolling the overview down: Click on the area under the scroll control, close to the bottom. Usually, clicking on a scroll control makes the scroll handle go to the clicked location. At least this is what I see in Google Chrome, Firefox, and the Windows explorer.

Here is a bot that uses the menu on the overview entry to issue the dock command:

This one also scrolls the overview down in case it does not see the station. When the overview is scrolled down, and the station is still not visible, it will fall back to the older implementation using the menu on the surroundings button.
This approach also means that as long as it finds the name in the overview, it does not matter which of the two settings you use. The way over the overview also means that it finds the way without any app-settings if it was docked already in the same session.