Eve Online Bot Combat Anomaly wont work

the bot endless search the adrress of the ui root in process… any idea?

Welcome Tom :wave:

That EVE Online bot uses memory reading and needs some time on startup to search the whole game client process to find the root of the UI tree. This process usually takes between 20 and 200 seconds. The duration depends on the memory usage of the game client (which you can optimize by settings) and your hardware.
If you see a case where it does not find the root within 200 seconds, let me know.

You might be interested in further speedup - how do we avoid such delays in the future? If there is no other way to resolve that delay, we will skip memory reading and read all the necessary information via screenshots and image processing.
We already use screenshots and image processing for some parts of the game client that were too expensive to reach using memory reading. We can expand on that in the future, which would also make using the new browser-based interface (EVE Anywhere) easier.

yeah it works… my fault! thanks anyways! :laughing:

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