Eve online bot and bot in general

So I have started using this bot only yesterday,I was using mining bot,but a notification popped on my screen and I found my ship destroyed.Is there anything I could do to prevent this?
My other question is I am logged in to the bot as something auth… Is it connected to my computer?

You can test a bot in a simulated environment to prevent such problems. The simulation feature in the botlab client lets you test any bot without the need to start an actual game client.
Here is the guide on Testing a Bot Using Simulations: bots/testing-a-bot-using-simulations.md at main · Viir/bots · GitHub
To your second question: When you choose to run a bot live on your machine, the botlab system is connected to your computer. It reads from the game client and sends inputs to the game client.

I tried simulating but botlab responds with unrecognized command “sim-run”

Sorry about that. I noticed there was a bug in the guide. I just fixed the guide with this change: Fix and update the guide on using simulated environments · Viir/bots@3f57aca · GitHub

The command to start a bot in a simulated environment now looks like this:

botlab  play  --environment="C:\Users\John\Downloads\session-2020-08-04T06-44-41-3bfe2b.zip"  https://github.com/Viir/bots/tree/e733ebde1f86b878dd29ae9cb90e6a12d007c1f9/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-combat-anomaly-bot