EvE online best bot

Hello miners,
Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Karma Balancer and i am here to remind you of what awaits if you proceed with your bot aspirant lifestyle.

Death and destruction at the hands of the new order is the tip of the iceberg, we, as knights of the new order are extremely skilled at detecting bots like yourselfs and exist in game to enforce the new halaima code of conduct.

I expect you to think twice before engaging in bot aspirancy and point you towards your obligations under the CODE. and the supreme landlord, James 315. You are to acknowledge your obligations by visiting www.minerbumping.com to learn your place in the great space of new eden.
Please feel free to enquire by contacting me in game by mail if need be.
You have been warned.

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Your work over the years is ineffective and insignificant.


You clowns are very welcome to try suiciding my 100k EHP skiffs! :joy:

I enjoy being the reason you mine in a low yield ship of shame in pov sov.

you are only an amusing us

Not when i bump your bot 500kms from the asteroid and you come back to find the hold is empty still.

That’s amusement.

You mad bro?

hmmm actually my bot was never killed by a player . that prove your eficiency and our amusement when you sustain you are … who? new order or what? lols
bumped? sorry this tactic was used 7 years ago … are you evolved a little in meantime?

mad? we are amused by your child dreams :))

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I personally give a crap about profit. I modifiy and tweak my bot soley for the intellectual challenge and to learn coding and stuff… i do not expect you farm miners for the profit either, you do it as a challenge just like me but there is one big difference: your post here is already an admission of defeat and an obvious transition to fear mongering…


More like, Jump to station when “Karma Balancer” is in local lol

Never seen a code player in my life in nullsec