EVE online - Anomaly bot functionality


I am considering using this software and I just wanted to know/find out (I have tried to find out from looking around the site) As to what the functionality of the program is like;

Are there specific ships that I would have to use? If so, which ships work best?
Can I set a time on, i.e. un-dock for three hours, run sites and dock back up and end the script.

I’d be keen to get feedback from existing users as to how they find the program and what they find works best for them?



Yes you can do this now. This combat anomaly bot is aware of your time limit and docks up 200 seconds before the session ends:


To limit the session to three hours, set the --session-length-limit to 180 in the configuration interface. This link brings you to a configuration for three hours: https://catalog.botengine.org/675529354c12dcb442839ceac0bafccca09c219ec48ce2d85cd1469f2201607f/configure-run-app/eyJvbmxpbmVTZXNzaW9uIjp0cnVlLCJhcHBTZXR0aW5ncyI6IiIsInBhdXNlQXBwS2V5cyI6IiIsInNlc3Npb25MZW5ndGhMaW1pdCI6IjE4MCJ9

When it gets close to finish the session, you see the bot returns the drones, docks the ship and displays a text like this:

Session ends in 176 seconds.

That’s great,

Does the bot support the use of fighters for carriers/super carriers or is it only appropriate for drone ships?


The bot I linked above does not support fighters or carries.