EVE mining bot


I am using the mining bot have just started.

Where can I find settings for when it starts mining modules, mine have a opitimal range of 15k but it seems to want to start at less than 1000m.

And similar for targetting, doesn;t seem to use max distance targeting but onces to be at 0 next to any asteroid.

Also can;t work out where to get the raw code so I can make edits myself

That depends on how your game client looks. Looking at the samples shared by EVE Online users, you should see a representation of the asteroid in the game client UI. Do you see an indication of the distance in your game client? If you are unsure, you can share a screenshot for us to look it up.

In general, you pick the location of the bot program code when you run a bot. So the program code is at the same location you entered when running the bot.

If you used a bot from a catalog entry, you find a link to the bot program code in the ‘Sources’ section in the catalog entry:

The ways shown above work if you have yet to run a bot or if you remember which bot you picked back then.
But what if you don’t remember which bot you picked when starting a session? In this case, you can still export it from the session recording.
After you have used a bot in a play session, you can also export the bot program code after opening the play session again via the ‘export bot program archive’ button.

brill thankyou, I have found the source code, and can this run outside of botlab or is it built within? Trying to figure out how to run it as its own executable.

When you dont want to use botlab to run a bot program, use the same approach to running a program as in Elm Fullstack. It is open source at https://github.com/elm-fullstack/elm-fullstack
To build an executable you can use Microsofts dotnet.