EVE Mining bot questions

Is there a way to customize the locking distance?

Is it possible to not hug the asteroid so close. Only approach until around 2km close.

Can we use deploy a specific group of drone for mining and another 1 for defending?

If we have a 2hour limit - is it possible to dock before ending the session? Avoid getting stranded in a belt.

Another question - can I run the bot locally instead of running it off github? That would let me customize some small things

Just found some answers:

targeting-range = 20000
mining-module-range = 15000

Yes, those settings are a way to customize the locking distance.

App 1242c18177 docks before the session ends, so it will not get stranded: FrontendWeb.Main

Yes, you can just as well run from local files. You can replace the path to GitHub with a path to a directory in your system. That works for the run command and also the describe command.

A complete command looks like this:

botengine  run  E:\Repos\bots\implement\applications\eve-online\eve-online-mining-bot

When you want to download the files from GitHub, you can use the “Download ZIP” link in the GitHub GUI. Another way to get the app files is to extract them out of any session recording archive.

Thanks for adding this in - I’ll definitely look into adding little things like this.
returnToUnloadRemainingSessionLengthThresholdSeconds = 120

Thanks. I figured it out but I couldn’t edit my post yesterday.

I’ll be posting in Learn to try and get an understanding of how basic things work.

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