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Goodmorning-, -afternoon, -evening everyone!

I am completely new to the use of bots, but I have followed every step carefully and revisited them all at least 3 times, but I still cannot get the mining bot too work.

After starting the bot, it runs without problem. With “runs” I mean it starts up. But it never starts a task. The task always stays at 0, with the now and then “Operate Bot” for 1 or 2 seconds, but nothing ever happens in-game. This is the same with the regular travel bot. Neither want to work with me for some reason.

HOWEVER, it Does react when one of the windows that should be open (like the ore hold), and then says it cannot read the ore hold’s capacity. So it does see certain things, except the most important part, which is the game and actually functioning what it is made for: Mining.

Viir Mining Bot

(This is all it ever shows)

Update: I got it working.

The only thing I changed was removing a salvager I also had in the top row next to the mining lasers.
Apparently that breaks both the Mining AND Travelling script. After removing the salvager I first tested the travelling bot, then the mining bot, and both now work.

(I did not restart the game either, still the same session)

EDIT: Nevermind, it stops after the first asteroid is destroyed.
EDIT 2: It also completely broke again. Unable to get either working again.

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Thank you for the detailed feedback. One thing I am missing is the complete output in the console. In the screenshot I find above, the bottom part seems cropped away, so I am not sure we know the entire console output.

Can you add a screenshot of the whole console window?

The reason it’s a “cropped screenshot” of the console is because there was nothing else than what shows in the screenshot I added. The times I did get it started now and then it did show things like “Can’t see if player is travelling” and those kinda things, but if it didn’t work, nothing else would show than what’s in the screenshot present.

I am looking at Bot E73312E23A…:

Following the flow of the status message backwards, to see which constellation could lead to such an output:

I see the composition of the status message was changed in a more recent version, so better lets test with the newest version.

What output do you get when running this bot? bots/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-mining-bot at f90c6d77ccfdbf1982076e83dc2169012f4aeafd · Viir/bots · GitHub