EVE miner not working

I have no idea how to add the tooltip overview or the astroid overview from the video on this bot.

Session performance: times unloaded: 0, volume unloaded / m³: 0

Current reading: mining hold filled Unknown%. I am docked at ‘Ikuchi VI - Moon 15 - Ytiri Storage’. I do not see the drones window.

  • I see no ship UI, assume we are docked.
    ++ mining hold is not selected. Select the mining hold.
    +++ Click the tree entry representing the mining hold.

EVE Online framework status:
Last reading from game client: 000142-609842: 0 rects containing 0 pixels
Last result from volatile process is: Success: {“CompletedEffectSequenceOnWindow”:{}}
Current activity: Operate bot - Reading from game

Hello and Welcome Larry :+1:
In this case, the problem is that your current ship has no mining hold.
The mining bot 775f444550 only works with ships with a mining hold. That is why it waits for the mining hold to appear after expanding the tree in the inventory window. If the current ship has no mining hold, 775f444550 gets stuck at this step.
One of the ships you can use with that bot is the ‘Venture’: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Venture

About that, I tried using a venture, but gets stuck on the same step :slight_smile:

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HI, have you already disabled phantom UI? If not, try to disable it :wink:

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Quite positive I had. Gonna run a test later, since I tweaked it to run another bot, and see if that helps any :slight_smile:

EDIT: Had it working after tweaking for another bot. Didn’t get to fully test it due to server shutdown however.

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Yes, in the screenshot I see that the ‘Photon UI’ feature was enabled in the game client. The simplest way to avoid the problem now is disabling ‘Photon UI’ in game client settings.

If you want to use the bot also with Photon UI, send me samples of your game client (e.g. complete session recording) to support@botlab.org
Then I can adapt the UI parsing code to work with that scenario too.

We just updated the examples for EVE Online to work with the new Photon UI.

You can run the new adapted mining bot from https://catalog.botlab.org/a689719bb197c77a