EVE got updated -but it's irrelevant-


Sorry guys, false alarm, apperently all I had to do is restart my pc.

There was a mciro update a few minutes ago on EVE, and the minig bot won’t start.

Terminal output:

This bot source looks like a URL. I try to load the bot from Github
I found 12 files in ‘bots/implement/applications/eve-online/eve-online-mining-bot at f0ae1e8f5bcf2c13e88177a2795db7651b32f207 · Viir/bots · GitHub’.
I loaded bot 799C710AE0F8F902D8BE1B9069CF061AF5399ED1DC9F2908E31BFB5844AFD2CA.
Starting the bot…

run-bot v2020-03-18 failed with exception: System.NotImplementedException: Output file not found. Maybe the output from the Elm make process helps to find the cause:
Exit Code: 1
Standard Output:
'Starting downloads…

X rtfeldman/elm-hex 1.0.0
X elm/virtual-dom 1.0.2

  • elm/time 1.0.0
  • elm/core 1.0.2
  • cmditch/elm-bigint 2.0.1
  • rtfeldman/elm-iso8601-date-strings 1.1.3
  • elm/regex 1.0.0
  • elm-community/list-extra 8.2.2
  • elm/html 1.0.0
  • elm-community/json-extra 4.0.0
  • elm/parser 1.1.0
  • elm/json 1.1.3
  • elm-community/result-extra 2.2.1
  • elm-community/maybe-extra 5.1.0
  • elm/random 1.0.0
  • elm-explorations/test 1.2.1

Dependency problem!

Standard Error:
'-- PROBLEM DOWNLOADING PACKAGE -------------------------------------------------

I was trying to download the source code for elm/virtual-dom 1.0.2, so I tried
to fetch:


But it came back as 401 UNAUTHORIZED

This may mean some online endpoint changed in an unexpected way, so if does not
seem like something on your side is causing this (e.g. firewall) please report
this to Issues · elm/compiler · GitHub with your operating system, Elm
version, the command you ran, the terminal output, and any additional
information that can help others reproduce the error!

at Kalmit.ProcessFromElm019Code.CompileElm(IImmutableDictionary2 elmCodeFiles, IImmutableList1 pathToFileWithElmEntryPoint, String outputFileName, String elmMakeCommandAppendix)
at Kalmit.ProcessFromElm019Code.CompileElmToJavascript(IImmutableDictionary2 elmCodeFiles, IImmutableList1 pathToFileWithElmEntryPoint, String elmMakeCommandAppendix)
at Kalmit.ProcessFromElm019Code.ProcessFromElmCodeFiles(IImmutableDictionary2 elmCodeFiles, Nullable1 overrideElmAppInterfaceConfig)
at Kalmit.PersistentProcess.PersistentProcessWithHistoryOnFileFromElm019Code…ctor(IProcessStoreReader storeReader, IImmutableDictionary2 elmAppFiles, Action1 logger, Nullable1 overrideElmAppInterfaceConfig) at BotEngine.Windows.Console.Bot.RunBotSession(TreeComponent botCode, Func2 getFileFromHashSHA256, String processStoreDirectory, Action1 logEntry, Action1 logProcessBotEventReport, String botConfiguration, String sessionCustomName, String botSource, String keyToStartOnlineSession, Int32 sessionLengthLimitInMinutes, IImmutableList`1 pauseBotKeys) in D:\a\dev-of-botengine\dev-of-botengine\implement\client\windows-console\BotEngine.Windows.Console\Bot.cs:line 51
at BotEngine.Windows.Console.BotEngine.<>c__DisplayClass8_2.b__10() in D:\a\dev-of-botengine\dev-of-botengine\implement\client\windows-console\BotEngine.Windows.Console\Program.cs:line 188
[2020-03-24T11-15-16] v2020-03-18 Bot session ended.

It seems that your App fails to build. It is common when you fail to download the dependency files.

I do not like this approach every time you need to rebuild the app. Since Github is sometimes blocked in my country, I hardly can start the bot.

Add “name-used-to-execute-file.exe” this file to your proxy, it always works.