Eve.exe not found in list of processes

Eve does not show up in the list of processes found in Sanderlings client, does anyone know why?

can you give more informations, pls?
what OS you use , where is located EVe, where is located Sanderling.
what it says task manager?
Also you use Sanderling or A-bot?

maybe this help you:

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Sorry for lack of details.

  1. Windows 10
  2. the ExeFile.exe is located in ProgramData of my C: Drive (SSD) , Sanderling and A-Bot .exe are located in Documents which I believe is also in C: Drive.
  3. Task manager shows that Eve is running and it’s a process with a process ID, but it doesn’t show up in Sanderlings and A-Bot interface list.
  4. I tried both, neither one can find my eve client running.

Ok, hope you use the last release, and you have installed the .net and also your windows compte is not fucked up… ah and you hve the gooe rights set in windows. (I know there are some softs who change this rigths)
I have asked you so Viir could have a minimum infos about your problem… honestly hés the only one who could see what is wrong

Did you try launch Sanderling as Administrator? (right click => run as admin…)

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