Eve Bot: input line for this scenario?

Lost a couple of Gila’s recently for mysterious reasons. Finally I understood that if a neut comes into system, the bot pulls drones. Great.

However, if the neut comes into system while a rat has the ship pointed, then pulling drones is a death sentence as the ship cannot warp and the bot is no longer killing tackle.

Is there a conmand line I can use to put into the “inputs” section of the bot configurator that will cause the bot to destroy tackle before pulling drones? Side note: the bot also does not seem to preferentially target and drone/missile tackle/web.

The string you enter in the graphical interface for configuration under --bot-settings enters your bot program via the BotSettingsChangedEvent. That rest depends on how your bot is programmed.

How does your program process the BotSettingsChangedEvent event?
If you link a concrete scenario, we can look in there to see how your program does it. So that would answer the question above. But by default the scenario is stored only on your machine; we can only see it if you share it.

If you are interested in a specific bot, you can post it here, and we can take a look.
If your goal is to find a bot for your scenario, the simplest way is to start from an event in a past session where you want to see different behavior.