EVE anomaly ratting, issue with multiple instances

been trying out the anomaly ratting bot.
for the most part it seems to work great, aside from sometime orbiting the frigates and pushing away from the anom. However this is not my concern for this post.

I tried running multiple instances of the bot, following the instructions, start A > get client A focus> pause A, Start B > get client B focus > unpause A

Once they start running it seems they are fighting for focus. It is quickly switching back and forth between clients, never seeming to actually complete the task either is trying to do. Sometimes one will hold focus long enough to actually do something.

I don’t see any indication in the bot that it acknowledges muliple bots running.
I have emailed the recording from the 2 instances to the botlab email.

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Welcome John :wave:

Thank you for sharing your use case!
It might be the related to the issue discussed at https://github.com/Viir/bots/issues/65
Currently there is a problem with the input focus scheduling, and the fix is work in progress.
From today, the priority for this is higher as we now have twice as many people blocked by this.

No problem.
If you need more recordings or anything let me know!

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