Eve 2 Alpha accounts

Hello. In eve online Is there way to use two Alpha accounts and not get banned? Maybe 3 at max ? Does virtual machine works? If yes which one would you recommend? Ig i pay for one omega can i use an Alpha as well? Or more Alphas?
Thanks in advance

Anyone here ??? : )

Hello, Regarding your question, there is a way to have other accounts, they are called alters. Your first account will be the main one. For the others, you put the same email so that those accounts can connect with a different user. Once you activate the omega to the main account, the other accounts will also be connected. They will have omega but it is important that the other accounts have the same email as the main account. You should search the forum for this information since they do not detail it.

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Hello, do you have any links about what you are talking about ? Because i didn’t find anything using alters keyword on this forum.


I forgot to answer you, I was talking to some colleagues who made multibox with alpha and they told me that this function is no longer available

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