Error with Anom bot

Im having this issue but it is on my screen
I do not see the location info panel. Enable the info panel.
I will send you session recording

I got a file named via email. I will look at that.

Thanks yea I emailed you link to it on my Google drive

I extracted the memory reading from your game client in bot step 107, using the standard export function in devtools.
That memory reading showed that your setup differs from others that went into generating the bot you used.
The novelty is how your setup represents the info panel container. While others used only one node with the type InfoPanelContainer, yours used two such nodes, at least in step 107.
One of these two seems to work as well as with previously seen setups, but so far, there was no ranking in place to select the better one if there are more than one.
The new bot program generated for your scenario adds a ranking to select the more populous node in such a case.

The difference in the resulting bot program code is illustrated at Adapt framework for EVE Online to setup from session-2021-10-26T06-47… · Viir/bots@12534ed · GitHub

You can run your new bot from

When you run 6768ac2443 with the scenario from, you don’t see the mentioned error anymore.

Thanks for that. Really appreciate it.