ELM Inventory Reading

Creating this new topic because i’m moving over to elm to code my bot and didn’t want to talk about elm in the previous thread.

This thread is in response to the demo bot @Viir posted in the previous thread.

I ran into a problem while running this bot. Wondering if maybe @Viir or someone else can shed some light on it for me. So i downloaded the 2020-02-03 botengine console app and ran the bot, once from my local directory, and once from github. Both times the bot fails to find any inventory item matching “Sisters Core”. I changed this to the exact name “Sisters Core Probe Scanner” in visualcode (bot.elm), but still nothing. Is this bot bugged or am i doing something wrong? Here’s a screenshot of the process running while i have probes in my inventory.

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Thank you for the feedback, looks like guides can be improved to cover this better.

That bot is not for the specific configuration of the inventory shown in the screenshot.

Looking back at the topic you mentioned, I find the bot there was made to work with the inventory set to List view mode. In your screenshot, we can see it uses a different view mode.

I found this screenshot including an inventory using List view mode:
Inventory List view mode

I did not test with the mode you used so that bot might be merely reading zero items in that scenario.

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Ohhh i see the issue. Thanks my inventory was just set to the wrong view. I was unclear on that.

Today I expanded the parsing to avoid this problem in the future.
For example, the mining bot on the main development branch now also recognizes items when the other view modes are enabled:

In case you want to work with the view used in the screenshot you posted earlier, you could copy this newer version of the inventory parsing function: bots/MemoryReading.elm at e0a24bfa43602e91248b8d0e7821122ff6798d73 · Viir/bots · GitHub

The guide on working with the parsed user interface now also contains this section about the inventory window: https://github.com/Viir/bots/blob/master/guide/eve-online/parsed-user-interface-of-the-eve-online-game-client.md#inventory-window

It also covers how to get the items in the selected container.

Inventory items in the memory reading inspection tool