Does this eve online bot work while communicating with the bot server?

I am interested in this, so I have a question while looking at the ELM programming language.
I don’t think it’s a language specialized in creating programs that run locally (I’m a beginner learning coding recently, so I might be wrong)
This bot seems to be a bot that determines the behavior of the bot on the server, but if I am correct, why did you choose this method?

Welcome, Abaddon!

The Elm program code runs on your machine. There are open-source infrastructure projects that help us run Elm code. The botlab client integrates the elm-fullstack open-source component to evaluate Elm programs, including bot programs.
So the bot behavior is determined locally on your machine.

Ah, thanks for replying!

And I’m a newbie studying coding recently.
Is it better to study JavaScript to know the elm language well?

Congratulations, you are entering an exciting new world!

No, studying JavaScript is not required to understand Elm.

You may want to compile your Elm program code down to JavaScript in some projects, for example, when building a website. In such a particular case, it can be helpful to understand JavaScript as well.