Do you intend to cooperate with other bot developers?

I am deeply impressed by reading this article.
I’ve looked at botlab, eve master, eve pilot, abyssal bot and each of these has its pros and cons.
So if several bot developers come together and work, I think “ultimate things” will come out.
This is just my stupid idea that just came to mind.
What do you think?

Ah, and I want to participate in bot development.
I’m studying Python.
What do you recommend to study after I finish studying this?

For my part, I will continue to collaborate with bot developers. It has worked well, and I don’t see a reason to stop. One example was the integration of the code editor: When bot developers shared their experience with the older solution, we learned that it was too complicated to set up. So we arrived at the integrated editor, making it much easier to get assistance with coding. I agree that ‘ultimate things’ come out.

Different people have different learning styles. For me, studying works best while producing working products. So my path is to develop working programs, like bots or simulated environments. It makes it easy for me to remember the significant bits.
Some things to keep in mind might not be obvious enough, depending on prior experience. In general, you want to observe how you work to learn if there is something to improve. Comparing and discussing how you work with other people can help speed that up. For example, using a simulated environment instead of an actual game client to test a bot might seem obvious, but other ways of improving your process might be less obvious.

Then I’ll ask other bot developers.
It would be great if they were together!