Development of BotEngine - Aggregating Feedback

Hello All! :wave:
After taking a brief look back recently, I am now curious about the future.

After receiving so much feedback on bots and development tools, I concluded it will be interesting to see how we can better assist people with the help of bots.
I have some time to invest in this area, which means you will see some accelerated development of BotEngine.

Now I am trying to figure out what issues to spend my time on for most efficiency. To do this, I aggregate the feedback received and search for patterns to inform further development.
Which brings me to one of the main reasons for posting this here today: There is a big amount of information and I cannot process every detail. And because of this, now seems to be a good time to remind me of things I could be missing otherwise.

So feel free to add your ideas about how to add value and make bot development more efficient.

I am going to present my findings soon in another post on the forum.

I think you can add a lot of value just from making a more robust documentation on how to do certain things such as picking a target and activating a module. I find that some of these questions are frequently asked.


Thank you, I will soon make a more robust documentation on how to do these things.

I have added these (more to come soon):

I will make a list of questions I can find to see what is needed.